2015 Presidency:Buhari Declares ,Says PDP Has Presided Over Nigeria’s Decline

By Danlami Nmodu
General Muhammadu Buhari has formally declared his interest in seeking election as the Presidential candidate of the opposition All Progressives Congress ,APC for the 2015 race.
“I humbly wish to present myself before you, before all of Nigeria and before God seeking to be elected as APC’s Presidential candidate”,Buhari declared on Wednesday.
Buhari’s massively attended declaration event at Eagle Square received further boost asat least four governors of the APC were present namely Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers State,Babatunde Fashola of Lagos,Adams Oshiomhole of Edo and Tanko Almakura of Nasarawa.APC
Amaechi who spoke on behalf of the governors noted that the APC governors have resolved support whoever emerges as the party’s candidate.He said further that PDP has no presidential aspirant like Buhari. According to Amaechi ,all the APC presidential aspirants are better that those of PDP.
Chief Audu Ogbeh said pointedly that Buhari is not a fanatic as some people claim.He said those campaigning along religious lines are the dangerous ones.He also said these are extra-ordinary times that requires an extra- ordinary candidate like Buhari.Unlike what is happening in PDP Ogbeh said APC will not embark on endorsement of any presidential candidate.He extended felicitations to other APC aspirants namely Atiku Abubakar,Rabiu Kwankwaso and Sam Nda-Isaiah.
Buhari blamed the ruling Peoples Democratic Party for Nigeria’s declaine. “Since 1999 PDP has presided over our country’s decline. Nigeria in my experience has never been so divided, so polarized by an unthinking government hell bent on ruling and stealing forever whatever befalls the country. Mr Chairman, we in APC are resolved to stop them in their tracks and rescue Nigeria from the stranglehold of PDP,”Buhari said.
He said further that “The last 16 years of PDP Government has witnessed decline in all critical sectors of life in Nigeria
“There is now general insecurity in the land Quite apart from Boko Haram,
“There is prevalence of Armed Robbery,
“Kidnappings and Killings,
“Cattle rustling,
“Market and farmland arson.
“These outrages have taken a new and a frightening dimension, disrupting economic and social life across whole communities.
“The economy continues to deteriorate while the Government continues to announce fantastic growth figures but Manufacturing is down;Agriculture is down;Commerce is down
Simply because you sell oil and steal part of the money does not entitle you to cook figures and announce phantom economic growth when all the major indices namely,Employment;Manufacturing,Farming.Trading are demonstrably on the decline.
The former head of state recalled that “When PDP came to power in 1999 Nigeria was generating about 4,000 M/W of electricity. After 15 years and $20 billion spent we are generating between 3,000 – 4,000 M/W. No failure is more glaring than this.
“We in APC are resolved to bring change to Nigeria. We plan to do things differently”,Buhari said.