Jonathan 2015 Posters :CPC Raises “Pertinent Questions” Amid Aso Rock’s Denial

By Danlami Nmodu

Oppositon Congress for Progressive Change ,CPC has raised concerns over  the  dangers inherent in  the  language of the Pro-Jonathan 2015 campaign posters have emerged at strategic places in Abuja.

The CPC in a statement by Engr Rotimi Fashakin, its  national publicity secretary said “If Dr Jonathan is interested in contesting the Presidency in 2015, we say, “ not?”  However, what is of grave concern is the portent of the posters: ‘No vacancy in Aso-rock in 2015.”

The CPC spokesman proceeded to outline what it called pertinent questions questions thereafter thus:  “Is this the language of Democratic practice?”

“Is there not a fundamental defect in our Political system where supposed leaders transform into Monsters?”

“Have we not trodden this pathway in which another leader- of the same political stock as this President – declared an election a ‘do or die’ process?”

“Is he President likely to shed off civility and put on the garb of African leaders – in recent history – have shown desperation in their final descent from power?”

“Is this not an early warning results of the 2015 Presidential election have been written and kept in wrap just for the ‘formal’ announcement?”

“ Is this a feverish response (by) the Presidency of the impending merger of the major opposition Parties?”

“Is this a way of unduly overheating the polity, as an excuse for unleashing a very capricious onslaught on the opposition?”

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The CPC reaction to Jonathan’s campaign posters titled “Jonathan: Gradual Unveiling Of  Untrammelled Ruthlessness”also bemoaned the facts that “the posters of Dr Goodluck Jonathan’s intention to stay put on the ‘throne’ – irrespective of his waning popularity- are already showing ubiquitous adornment of the spaces in and around the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).”

Continuing,the party said “ Though there is no official reaction from the motley of media aides in the Presidency; it is not unlikely that, in the usual shenanigans in the Nation’s Power Corridor, the opposition may likely get some bashing for attempting to detract the President from his much trumpeted ‘transformation’ .

After raising what it called pertinent questions, CPC said “Whatever self-interest this latest goofery from the ruling behemoth is meant to serve, it definitely this administration deeper in the mire of self-destruct!Nigeria and her vast people cannot fit into the mould of a hollow, shallow and parochial frame of ethno-religious Political gerrymandering”

Meanwhile media reports Wednesday evening said Aso Rock ,Nigeria’s seat of power has denied  authorizing the Jonathan campaign posters. “The president has not authorized anybody to print any campaign poster for him as regards 2015 elections” Ahmed Gulak ,political adviser to the president reportedly said.

Gulak also said Jonathan remains  “pre-occupied with working to fix Nigeria and did not want to be distracted by undue politicking about 2015”.He suspects that ‘mischief makers’ may be behind the Jonathan posters.


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