2015 General Election: As Jonathan Campaign Posters Emerge ,By Sam Aruleba

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To a great aplomb, President Jonathan’s 2015 re-election campaign is now officially on. According to Newsdiary online publication of Wednesday January 2nd 2013, a displayed banner read “2015: No Vacancy in Aso Rock!” in reference to the glamorous Jonathan Campaign Posters mounted at the PDP Secretariat block.

On one of the posters, the statement, which says “One good term deserves another” on its own was not harmful when it bodes on resourceful stewardship. However, the same would be

ascribed giddy as it was venomously injurious to all hapless Nigerians who under Jonathan’s led PDP government, have been plagued with security challenges, joblessness, untamed corruption, blackouts, death-roads, and many other shunned but controllable national ills. The double salvo of graduate unemployment and unprecedented waves of insecurity to lives and properties around the country especially seemed to have sent fears cursing through the veins of many  Nigerian electorates and with little or no moxie left to allay their worries for a better tomorrow on the platform of Jonathan’s PDP.

Nigerians, sooner than later, would begin to be fed with wishy-washy harangues from the rooftop of Aso Rock and environs, defiantly promising as usual, replicated Europe and Asia.  If PDP wanted Nigerians to badge on with one good term deserves another label (although believed to be hypothetical liability in their case), the irony of one bad term deserves no more chance could then as well wipe out their thoughts. That means according to Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe “Enough is enough”.

Dr Sam Aruleba, PhD;Email: [email protected]

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