13-year Old Girl ‘Forced’ To Take Secret Love Oath

By Gracia Obi
For a 13-year old girl residing in Rafinsenyi Suleja, it was case of love that went sour when, recently, her 18-year-old boyfriend went wild and subjected her to untold torture, after threatening to pour acid on her.
Chinwe, as she simply called, narrowly escaped being slaughtered by Hyacinth. In fact, but for the quick intervention of her mates who rushed to her rescue after hearing her distress call, she would have been killed by her ex-lover.
The teenager who is recuperating in a private hospital in Suleja told Newsdiaryonline that she saw ‘hell’ in the hands of her lover after she called off the relationship.
Chinwe said: ‘This was how it started. Hyacinth knew I was alone in the house and invited me over to their apartment. When I got there, he had already set some items in preparation for something that looked strange to me.
She said; “He had a calabash tied with black cloth; inside it was a blade, a kola nut and red palm oil, I asked him what the calabash was for and he said he wanted to be sure of our relationship.
“I got confused and asked him to explain better to me and he said he wanted us to take a love oath. He also said oath was to make sure that anyone who cheats on the other would go mad before dying eventually.
“When I refused to partake in such act, he brought out a knife and threatened to stab me with it if I did not comply. I got scared and succumbed to him. My weakness and naivety gave him more power as he grabbed my hand, cut his and force me to lick it too.”

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