116 Bag First Class Honours as UNN graduates 19, 800 at 42nd convocation

One hundred and sixteen candidates would receive First Class Honours certificates of the University of Nigeria and a further 195 bag doctorate degrees  at the 42nd convocation holding Friday and Saturday January 25th -26th  2013 even as the institution recorded a 73 per cent increase in graduating student numbers over the previous session.  There were 11, 496   graduands at the 41st convocation.

The 116 laureates are among 19, 880 graduates to receive first and higher degrees at the two-day event. First degree holders make up 18, 150 while higher degrees total 1, 730.

Other classifications are 4, 405 Class Upper, 10, 048 Class Lower, 2, 633 Third Class and 154 with Pass degrees.  A further 794 earned diplomas.

For higher degrees, there are 195 Doctorate degrees, 1, 226 Masters and 269 Postgraduate diplomas.

UNN Vice Chancellor Prof Bartholomew Okolo disclosed the numbers of graduating at a press ahead of the Convocation.  Okolo affirmed University had prepared the graduating class with knowledge for tackling the challenges ahead of them.  He stated, “Based on our tradition of continuously adapting our curriculum to changing times, these graduands have also been equipped with other relevant requisite skills such as Information Technology and Entrepreneurship. They have also taken courses in Peace and Conflict Resolution- a very useful skill in the Nigeria of today”.

Okolo said University Management under his leadership had focused on scholarship, human resource development, and infrastructure upgrade as priorities over the three years and had recorded successes in efforts to achieve “institutional advancement of our university.”

“In the three years”, the UNN Vice Chancellor stated, “ the university has offered automatic employment to over 300 First Class graduates thus creating a critical mass of the much-need new generation of excellent and competent scholars who will sustain the legacy of scholarship at the University of Nigeria. We have also taken advantage of the special funding from the Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFUND), international strategic alliances established over time and funds generated internally to provide sponsorship for overseas training and exposure to global best practices for over 50% of our staff.”


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