1 GAME Focuses On Rebuilding North-East Region

By Abdoulaye Kay

The 1 GAME, initiated by Philip Obaji Jr, aimed at supporting children from the most vulnerable areas in the country with the basic tools they need attend school, is pilot a new path for school children in Nigeria’s North-Eastern states.

The project’s Development Coordinator, Agafi Kunduli said on Sunday that the two-day meeting of the committee, which would hold in Abuja would focus on rebuilding the fractured educational system in the North-East at primary level.

“For many years, education in the North-East has suffered greatly. are poor mostly in schools, there’s the issue of low teacher’s capacity in many areas, and non-school enrolment is highest among states in the region,” he said.

Kunduli added that the North-East Governors needed prioritise education in their respective states. “North-East Governors need make basic education a top priority in their individual states. Some states haven’t fully benefited from the UBE scheme they are yet contribute their matching grants. ’s a clear sign that the educational sector is not well funded.”

Last month, the 1 GAME Campaign began moves to partner with State Governments in the
North-East region on ways to improve school enrolment in their respective states.

The steps include meetings with education heads in Borno and Gombe States, following increased success in school attendance since the start in September.

“Non-school enrolment is the biggest issue the 1 GAME Campaign is in North-Eastern Nigeria. A recent survey shows that only 49% of school age boys and 37% of girls of the same age attend school in the region,” he said.

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