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Kalu Slams Corrupt Judges, Asks Buhari To Tackle Economy Like Boko Haram



Billionaire businessman and former governor of Abia State, Dr Orji Uzor Kalu has condemned judges who compromise on justice, citing them to be worse than armed robbers.

This is even as he commended President Muhammadu Buhari’s fight against terrorism, urging him to extend similar tactics to the economy.

The former governor made the remarks in Washington DC, yesterday, during a dinner hosted by Chief Daniel Eke

According to the eminent businessman, the US judiciary has been very strong, and it is evidenced with what happened between them and the president of the united states.

He said all  the judiciaries in Africa  especially Nigeria should stand up and emulate US and other countries

“They should stand up and give us judgement by the law no matter the condition they find themselves. A corrupt judge is worse than an armed robber. A corrupt judge is worse than Onyenusi or Anini or any other big armed robber you can think about.

The former governor decried situations where corrupt judges  jail innocent citizens for something they never did,  adding that it is time people rise to defend the judiciary.

Recounting the genesis of his case with Nigerian anti graft agency, Kalu said he has declined many interviews linked with the lingering case , noting that since it is already in a court of competent jurisdiction, it is only appropriate he reserves his comments.

He also lamented the ill treatment he has received from his former party, the PDP, which he  claimed has benefited very much from him.

He said ” We need to know, that living on rumour and accusing people of something they never did, accusing genuine leaders who meant well of what they never did is wrong.  All of you know that if the PDP was a company, I ought to own 90% of it, because in 1998 I brought the first 500 million that I gave to the party. By then, I wasn’t in government. I also  gave the presidential candidate, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo over 100 Million in 1998.

“How many Nigerians would have done that? yet the same government, the same PDP took my bank, took my airline, took my oil license to put me out of business entirely because I proposed that I must run for president in 2007, I also opposed the 3rdterm, which they are denying today”

Further speaking , he said, “Yes I am being tried by the EFCC, but I have people from intelligence here, who work with British intelligence. I have people who work with United states intelligence and they know that even when president Obasanjo wrote to Tony Blair about me, Tony Blair told him that there was no reason to arrest me in London because I was not corrupt. When he also  wrote to president Bush Junior, he  wrote him back and told him that there was no need of arresting me because I haven’t committed any offense.

Kalu mentioned that God used people like him to pull Nigeria together. He stated that Nigerians know those who are corrupt and urged the law enforcement agencies not to overlook them

“The law enforcement agencies should go after them and fight corruption which is a major challenge to Nigeria’s development. I am a trustee of Nigeria dream, but few Nigerians  are putting what I put in 1998 of which  most of them today are billionaires, but nobody ask them how they made the money. These are people who couldn’t afford one kobo, one naira or one cent for their living.

“So, people should fight corruption the right way. Obviously, I cannot talk about this now because we are already in the court of record and court of competent jurisdiction. I believe the court will decide who is right and wrong. I believe  in the liberty and profoundness of the judiciary and I believe in the sanctity of the law and I believe that the law should not be a respecter of nobody, people should respect the law and not the law respecting them.

“I also believe that if I am wrong I should be punished, if I am right I should be asked to go to my house, because, I have suffered, internationally, I have lost all the credit lines I am doing business with. we have lost reward from international business people. We have lost doing business with them for the past ten years and we have lost almost everything, but we give thanks to God. “

Kalu who spoke amidst many professionals drawn from different fields including US intelligence, readmitted his belief in a unified Nigeria with Restructuring and also urged the Nigerian President to extend his success in fight against terrorism to the economy.

He  said, ” Restructuring is a must, if we restructure politically and economically and reduce the states to eight or ten regions or federating units. We will be in the states and contribute to the federal. “

” I call on the president to tackle the economy, the same way he tackled Boko Haram, so that Nigerians will benefit from their country because Nigerians are not asking for much, they are only asking for three meals on their table, decent health care, decent school for their children, decent places for them to go and move freely for their business . I must commend the President and all the service Chiefs for the good job they are doing especially in winning the terrorism fight. “

Speaking on President Buhari whom the former governor said their friendship ties dates over 25 years, Kalu reiterated that Buhari’s presidential emergence is  providential and should be supported. He sympathized with the family of the President for their hard times during the President’s illness

His words : “Buhari is back to give Nigerians qualitative leadership, I sympathize with the family of the president for the trauma they have gone through, I sympathize with his relations and Nigerians in general, and as a katsina tittle holder, Mayaki Katsina  for the trauma we went through during the president stay in United Kingdom. The President is human. He can be sick like every other Nigerian. He can see things he never planned for. He never envisioned he would fall sick but  only God knows the reason .

“I have known him closely for over 25 to 30 years, so I can talk about him, but this is not the time to talk about him, we will only pray to God to that he should have the desire to give Nigeria constitutional development, constitutional leadership that will change the suffering of the Nigerian people who are today looking for food.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I want to reassure you that the coming of Buhari is not man-made , it is from God, He might be Imperfect in some areas but he is also perfect in many other areas, God will use his perfect areas to re-establish his name in Nigeria, God will use his perfect areas to re-access for the common man, things are very difficult, yes I agree, but I call on the president, to use everything he has within his power as a president to bring back the economy to where it ought to be. I don’t need to say much tonight, but I want us to continue celebrating Nigeria, This is the only country we have, we have no other country, If well-handled and if we can return back electricity and return back internal security, every other thing will follow, we will be able to be one of the fifth largest economy on earth. “

Kalu also charged the over 170 guests in the dinner hall to embrace civility and good values. According to him,” We should know that a civil democracy starts with its people, it starts with the culture of the people, the cultural believe and the references of the people, without the values and culture of the people, we cannot practice civil and constitutional democracy.”

While thanking them for honouring the invitation of Dr Dan Eke and his wife, Kalu whose wife and two children were equally in the occasion  stated that  the greatest thing any country can give to herself is to protect her citizens and to adhere to the rule of law.

“We must understand that the rule of law is very important, the respect for people’s human right, respecting people’s feelings, respecting the court, the National Assembly respecting the presidency. Everybody needs respect as provided and enshrined in the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria, Even though the constitution might be imperfect but we must respect what we have at hand.

“Tonight, I can see faces of people in the diaspora who wants to return to Nigeria, I can see faces who want to make change, who want us to reply. Yes, if president Buhari is in good health and he has the capacity to run the next election, he will win, that is the truth, he is entitled to seek the mandate from Nigerian people,  We will contribute in telling people to vote, it is ony left for Nigerians to choose who will rule them. If he is imperfect, he should make his imperfection to be perfection, if he is weak, he should turn his weakness to strength, I believe we should stay united, together and stronger as a country.

“What has gone wrong? Barely 30 years ago, in student union, we participated fully. I was  voted in as president  without being asked of my religion, tribe or tongue.  I was voted for and others were voted for. In a University that has 99.0% Muslim, they trusted me, a Christian to lead them. So what has gone wrong?, Nigerians should come out and address this issue, people should henceforth stop the message of hate and tribe, we must henceforth embrace ourselves as one Nigeria.”

While responding to a question on the controversial letter written by Kaduna State Governor,  Mallam Nasir el Rufai,

The  front line politician said “As regards the letter written by Gov. el Rufai, I think he only  said his opinion which he is entitled to. However, he might not have been very fair to the President because he is an insider to the government. He has access to the President. He is very close to the President. I think whatever his anger was, he would have talked to the president directly, but mentioning the names of two  important aides to the president in public is not very good. I think Governor El rufai should go back to the drawing board and voice out what he feels personally. If  Ayo Fayose had written that letter I would respect it but not El Rufai. He is a personal friend of  mine, it is a very wrong to address such issues that way. I am sure he has not done well because there have been rumour everywhere that the president will change some certain appointees , El Rufai should not take advantage of such rumour by writing such letter.  He is a nice governor and a nice man but he should go back to the president and apologize to him “he explained.


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