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Exclusive: Magu’s Secret Alliance With Tinubu: Inside Story Of Senate Rejection Of EFCC Boss


By Danlami Nmodu
(UPDATED)  Some fresh hints have  emerged about the repeated  rejection of Ibrahim Magu as EFCC chairman by the Senate.
Newsdiaryonline was told that Magu’s biggest problem is his alleged Secret alliance with former Governor of Lagos State, Bola Ahmed Tinubu. He is national leader of APC.
“Magu is known to have aligned secretly with Tinubu.
“The acting  chairman of EFCC has been fighting Tinubu’s enemies  for him and  we are all aware of this” a source conversant with the intrigues said.
It could be recalled that it was Vice President Yemi Osinbajo who first sent Magu’s name for confirmation and the Senate rejected him.
The latest disclosure about the Tinubu connecting came barely 24 hours after the Senate rejected Magu as EFCC chairman for the second time.
The DSS filed a report to the Senate describing Magu as a liability.The commission drew attention to alleged  infractions by Magu
Newsdiaryonline was told that there are  other cases details of which are yet to be disclosed  against Magu.
One of the sources who spoke with Newsdiaryonline said if Magu is confirmed it means the DSS will have to fight for his credibility afterwards.
Even more, the insider asked:Do you think DSS DG would write such a report without consulting with the President?
The presidency has not issued a statement yet on the matter. Presidential Spokesman, Femi Adesina reportedly  said the presidency was waiting for official communication from the Senate on the matter.
It could be recalled  that despite denials, the rosy relationship between Tinubu and President Buhari have reportedly nosedived. Tinubu even visited ailing Buhari in London recently  to show that all was well.
Despite that,  it is Magu’s politics that may have become his undoing, insiders  claim.
However, a source within EFCC  told Newsdiaryonline recently  that failure to confirm Magu will be a sad commentary on Nigeria’s anti-corruption war.
But sources said it was the same executive that nominated Magu that disqualified him. “The choice now is :you either retain Magu or sack DG DSS, which is unlikely now. “
Even more, one associate of the president asked: “must it be Magu. Why is it that his name was submitted to Senate when Buhari had left the country or when the President was about jetting out? It is politics”
“Is Magu the only one that can fight corruption? Is he not equally  corrupt as the DSS said? The executive gave him with one hand and retrieved it with the other. Tinubu has lost yet another battle . The cabal has shown him pepper.
Newsdiaryonline has also been told that Magu’s case is not being helped by some fresh intelligence report on his alleged presidential ambition.
Magu has been accused  of nurturing this and some foreign diplomatic circles are aware. One powerful country is accused of trying to egg Magu on. Whether alleged magu’s presidential ambition is tied to Tinubu’s remains unclear.

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