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Senator Magnus Abe And His Addiction To Public Service, By Uche Igwe

I first met Senator Magnus Abe in person in November 2009 in YenagoaBayelsa State. He was then serving as Secretary to Government and came to represent the then Rivers State Governor at a roadshow organised by the Nigeria Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative(NEITI). Before then I had heard a lot about him on one occasion. A friend of mine who was working for a Port Harcourt based NGO had approached ...

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How God Fights For Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi By Uche Igwe

The atmosphere outside my room on that fateful day was calm and friendly. I could see two camels and two turkeys hovering around the premises. I had just finished breakfast and spent about thirty minutes talking about politics and the media with my new friend Philemon. We had just met formally that morning after discovering that we were next door neighbours. I had visited the governor of Rivers State, Rt. H ...

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Ken Saro-Wiwa Jnr – Untimely Exit Of A Patriot And Peacemaker, By Uche Igwe

The beep of a text message woke me up on that fateful day. My eyes were still heavy and so I reckoned that I needed a little more sleep. I managed to stand up and loitered around my room looking for my phones without success. I managed to first get hold of my wrist watch and checked the time. It was exactly 4.15 am. Who could be sending me a message at this time? I murmured as I found my phones lying by the ...

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Can More Openness In Governance Hasten Nigeria’s Journey Out Of Recession? By Uche Igwe

Information is an important ammunition against secrecy and opacity. Increased access to information and transparency are proven key tools in the fight against corruption because it leads to greater openness both for government and indeed all stakeholders. The availability of data, through modern day technological innovation, can potentially push forward the anti-corruption agenda through transforming method ...

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Dr. Emeka Enejere: Exit of man of tactics and sagacity By Uche Igwe

Since he called to tell me that he was diagnosed of cancer, I have been in prayers and some sort of panic. It worsened when I visited him a few months ago in his residence in Abuja. He had lost some weight and his skin became a bit darker. I could hardly recognize from him from afar because he had lost so much hair probably as a result of the treatment he was undergoing. However, he was still his old self - ...

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Buhari’s visit, Niger Delta Clean -up and other issues, By Uche Igwe

I was at Bodo for the launch of the implementation process of the United Nations Development Program(UNEP) report on the clean-up of Ogoniland. It was indeed a historic event that has potentially ushered the birth of what many described as a new Ogoni. I congratulate Ogoni people, I congratulate the federal government and all partners who worked together to make that event happen. As I sat at the corner lis ...

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Niger Delta Clean Up, Niger Delta Avengers and the Rest of Us, By Uche Igwe

Tomorrow the 2nd of June, President Muhammadu Buhari will be in Bodo, Ogoniland to officially kick off the environmental clean-up of oil polluted sites in the Niger Delta region. This is consistent with the recommendation of an assessment conducted by the United Nations Environmental Program(UNEP). That visit will lay to rest speculations about whether the Nigerian President will fulfil the promise he made ...

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Buhari and How Corruption Can Fight Back, By Uche Igwe

Since after President Buhari’s visit to the United Kingdom for the anti-corruption summit, the media has been flooded with several kinds of commentaries. Many of them were filled with disingenuous insinuations while others blatantly promoted disorderly falsehood to get underserved public attention. I attended that summit and was delighted with the respect and warm reception that was accorded to the Nigerian ...

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The Political and Security Stalemate in Rivers State By Uche Igwe

I had to hurry out of Rivers State late, last Sunday. I made my short stay deliberately a low profile one, spent mostly indoors as the electoral war lasted. My reason is that I had not written my will and do not wish to write one very soon. I have a young family and considered it  too risky to continue to  stay in the state with news of killing and reprisal killings flying in minute by minute. Though I surv ...

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Wike’s Unruly Politics And The Military Action In Ogoni Land, By Uche Igwe

The news of recent confrontation between the criminals and the military in Ogoniland can be described as both deeply unsettling and unfortunate. The reported loss of lives of innocent citizens is regrettable and I offer my heartfelt condolences to families who lost their loved ones. It is very sad that Rivers State continues to be in the news for the wrong reasons. The boldness of the faces of criminality i ...

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The Politics of Wike’s Supreme Court Victory, By Uche Igwe

I have just been informed that the Nigerian Supreme Court has upheld and affirmed the PDP candidate in the last governorship election, Mr Nyesom Wike as a validly elected governor. As the apex court of the land, that ruling lays to rest a protracted legal battle between him and the candidate of the rival All Progressives Congress, Dr. Dakuku Adolphus Peterside. So in the eyes of the law, Nyesom Ezubunwo Wik ...

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Who Is Tompolo Speaking For? By Uche Igwe

It is now more than a week since the former militant leader and alleged owner of Global West Vessels Limited, Government Ekpemupulo aka Tompolo threatened the federal government that President Buhari will know no peace. I waited for those who understand the meaning of such a statement to wade in and call the former warlord to order. That has not happened and I am worried. I learnt that Mr. Ekpemupolo was in ...

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