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The Naira-Dollar blues, By Reuben Abati

“My brother, e ku exchange rate oh.” “Excuse me?” “I am greeting you. I am saying how are you and the exchange rate palaver. The dollar wahala”. “So, that is why you are saying e ku exchange rate. Is something wrong with you Yoruba people?       Must you turn everything into a form of greeting?” “You are insulting me?” “I am making a statement” “Meaning?” “Any serious matter at all, you and your people must ...

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How To Develop A Nation Through Science And Technology, By Sunday Adelaja

Part One: Galileo Galilei, Michael Servetus, Henry Odenburg, Gerhard Domagk and Albert Einstein. What do all these people have in common? Some will be quick to say that all of them are scientists. Yes, indeed that would be a correct answer. Howbeit, that is not the answer I am looking for this time around. Apart from the fact that all these people are scientists, there is something else that unites them. Th ...

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Our Diversity Is A Blessing, By Sunday Adelaja

The diversity of our Nigerian nation is so beautiful. It is a glorious demonstration of God’s very own nature. Yet when diversity is not appreciated, it is abused and perverted.    “Celebrate diversity, practice acceptance and may we all choose peaceful options to conflict.” ― Donzella Michele MaloneIf Nigeria had not consisted of these over 500 tribes, we would not have been as big and great as we are toda ...

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What Is Marginalization? By Sunday Adelaja

I pray that no Nigerian tribe, nationality or ethnic group will experience marginalization.  As I am writing this, there are nations in the world that know firsthand what marginalization means in the real sense.For a student of history, it is difficult to accept the accusation against Nigeria that Nigeria has not been fair to the Biafran nation. As I have said above, the Igbo people and the Biafran people h ...

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Biafra Already Exists, By Sunday Adelaja

I am particularly astonished by my fellow countrymen who are agitating for an independent Biafran Republic. In my own opinion, I believe they already have it. There are no less than 5 autonomous states that are being ruled and governed by Igbo people. If you want to count just the Igbo nation, I don’t remember any time since the 1999 democracy, that a Hausa person or a representative of any other tribe has ...

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My Thoughts On The Biafran Agitations (Part 1) By Sunday Adelaja

As a Nigerian, I only managed to live in the country for the first 19 years of my life, but the Nigerian factor is so strong that it is not letting me go 30 years later. Even though I have lived in other countries more than I ever lived in Nigeria, yet the connection, the upbringing, the culture, the attachment and the Nigerian embodiment have all been so strong in me, that I am a Nigerian and will always b ...

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