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IDFP: Anchor For Nigeria’s Interfaith Unity

By Musa Simon Reef Amidst rising tensions and crises among Nigeria’s Christians and Muslims, the need for the promotion of peace and harmony was the central focus of an interfaith summit that culminated into the adoption of a constitution for the establishment of the Interfaith Dialogue Forum for Peace (IDFP). Held from January 26-27, 2017 in Abuja, the two-day conference was organised by the Vienna-based K ...

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Obasanjo: Nigeria’s Best And Worst @80, By Musa Simon Reef

No trumpet was blown when a child was born to illiterate and poor parents from the backwoods of Ibogun-Olaogun in Ogun State on March 05, 1937. There was nothing to reveal that this young child, whose later dream was to be a mechanic, would cast defining moments in the life of a nation. Presently, wherever two or three people are gathered, when the name of that child that was christened, ‘Olusegun Obasanjo’ ...

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AU Interfaith Forum Sparks Hope, By Musa Simon Reef

Recently, the 2nd African Union Interfaith Dialogue Forum that took place in Abuja came to a close on November 11, 2016. It was jointly organised by the Citizens and Diaspora Directorate (CIDO) of the African Union Commission and the International Dialogue Centre (KAICIID), based in Vienna, Austria, provided a platform for religious leaders, policy makers, scholars and representatives of Civil Society Organ ...

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Aliyu: Ode To Unfinished Footprints@61, By Musa Simon Reef

The little child that was later named Mu’azu Babangida Aliyu was born in Chanchanga, Minna, Niger State on November 12, 1955. Early in life, the young Mu’azu demonstrated traits of leadership qualities that showed him as destined to be a leader of men. During his elementary and secondary school days, he was appointed a monitor in clear acknowledgment of his leadership qualities. The man whose royalty is nev ...

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FFK: Salute to Indomitable Courage @56, By Musa Simon Reef

He was born 15 days after Nigeria was granted political independence from British colonialists on October 1, 1960. At birth, the Heavens did not blaze the commencement of his earthly sojourn, but the young child who was later to be christened Femi David and born to the family of Chief Remilekun Fani-Kayode carried the genes of astounding scholarly and cerebral greatness often associated with the family. I f ...

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What Buhari Should Do Now! By Musa Simon Reef

So, Nigeria is 56? Just a speck of time in the life of a nation! But 56 years is sufficient a time to show where the pendulum will swing to. If the past is anything to be deduced from, those who inherited the Brit’s creation have shown less capacity to make the country work. If our colonialists’ intention was to make Nigeria serve their interests, those who took the baton of power after independence only st ...

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