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Changing the Public Holiday Culture in Nigeria, By Dr Raphael Ogar Oko

Until now, a public holiday has been observed as a day when the citizens of Nigeria sit at home but yet get paid by the government for a work not done. When people are paid for doing nothing, how will such a nation grow? I believe that the time has come for us to renew the public holiday culture in Nigeria in view of the recent three day public holidays declared by the government to mark the end of a thirty ...

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A Letter to the Teachers, By Dr Raphael Ogar Oko

Dear Teacher, As you begin the month of May in this 6th year of the 2nd decade of the new millennium, may God bless your efforts, your commitments, dedication and even accomplishments. May you also be a blessing to the many children that the families did not prepare well before handing them over to you to grow to become useful citizens in the society. As you prepare our family children as school students to ...

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The Sustainable Way to Renew, Rebuild and Reunify the divided Nigeria Nation, By Raphael Ogar Oko

It is common to hear that Nigeria has fallen, everything is getting worse and we have become so divided against each other as a nation. In fact, I have frequently heard people talk about the high rate of tribalism and ethnicity in Nigeria. These concerns are all true. The fundamental task is not just about the problems but the solutions. Where exactly is the starting point in the rebuilding of Nigeria? Wher ...

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Beyond President Saraki’s Original Sin, By Raphael Ogar Oko

I read with keen interest the analysis by Senate President Saraki of his sins and the apt description of his original sin. I have always known the original sin to be the sexual misconduct between Lucifer and Eve and between Eve and Adam in the garden of Eden, which is passed on from generation to generation until this moment. I have learnt a new lesson from his analysis as I never knew that standing against ...

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