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Pius Adesanmi and David Mark, By Manni Ochugboju

When Professor Pius Adesanmi wrote his caustic caricature of Senator David Mark – “We are all Otukpo”, it was not intended to enrich the genre of satire. On the contrary, it was intended to impoverish it. It is a misuse or abuse of satire. It is a sleight of hand, a dubious political hatchet job dressed up in a grotesque apparel of satire. Adesanmi’s piece is in essence, a lurid tabloid, gutter journalistic ...

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December Deadline: Another Trip to Maiduguri, By Yushau A. Shuaib

It was neither a vacation trip nor a tour for seasonal ceremony.  It was a journey to attend a crisis communication seminar for humanitarian workers and journalists covering disasters which was held in Maiduguri in the first week of December 2015.My family members could not dissuade me from the trip that hopefully would provide me another opportunity to assess one of the Boko Haram worst-hit cities in Niger ...

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Owelle Rochas Okorocha: A Man After Our Heart ,By Valentine Nzekwe

In the first and second republics, Nigeria was blessed with men and women who brought excitement and colour to politics as result a of their intellectual content and soap box oratory. Such men like late Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe readily comes to mind as great zik grip of the English language was second to none. Dr. Kingsley Ozumba Mbadiwe known as K.O, was always an exciting sight as he had a way with words that e ...

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National Broadcasting Commission And Nigeria’s Digital Broadcasting Blackhole ,By Is’haq Modibbo Kawu

A few weeks ago, DAILY TRUST reported that Emeka Mba, the Director General of the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) finally owned up that it was doubtful, that Nigeria was going to effect the digital broadcasting switch over, scheduled for June 17, 2015. Emeka Mba blamed that anticipated failure to funding, as setop boxes that are critical for the switchover are not yet available. The manufacturers of ...

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‘Strategising As We Celebrate’ – Senate Passes Violence Against Persons Bill , By Charmaine Pereira

I could hardly believe it when news came in around 12.30 p.m. this afternoon that the Senate just passed the Bill on Violence Against Persons (Prohibition) Bill (the VAPP Bill). It has taken over a decade to get here. As Saudatu Mahdi, the indefatigable Secretary General of WRAPA, recognised the role of key actors in the Senate for their efforts, particularly Sen. Dahiru Tambuwal, she urged us in civil soci ...

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Another Approach To The South African Attacks , By Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu

The destructive attacks in South Africa on Nigerians and other sub-Saharan Africans are tragic and mindlessly wrong. The assaults sorely bruise the objective of inter-African harmony. They also put an eraser to the idyll of progress and domestic tranquility many people saw when gazing at South Africa. The xenophobia is actually a lethal show of misdirected anger. The attacks point to deep, underlying ruptur ...

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Power Roadmap – Seriously, Let’s Solve this Power Problem Now, By Olurinde Lafe

Uninterruptible electrical power is possible in Nigeria. An economically sustainable architecture, which will result in a more intelligent transmission and distribution system, and collaterally energize other sectors, is achievable. The Solution Power generation must be distributed, the country’s abundant renewable energy resources must be tapped and the power infrastructure must be integrated with a smart ...

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Buhari Should Build On Jonathan’s Economic Foundation ,By Mark Chieshe

As the President-elect, General Buhari prepares to assume the reins of leadership, it is my strong opinion that he will make faster process if he takes a good look at the economic reforms that are already underway under the Jonathan administration with impressive results. Even if he does not want to adopt them wholly, he can do well to build upon them by first, scrutinizing them thoroughly, second, identify ...

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Tribute To Oronto Douglas ,By Denja Yaqub

He took the battle against the severe injustices oil communities have had to contend with since the discovery of the money spinner in Oloibiri on the 15th of January 1956 to greater heights.He  drew global attention to the parlous condition these communities whose natural resources have been turned to natural disaster not just by oil companies but by a country that have never been led by anyone with concern ...

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We Challenge Buhari To A Debate ,By Reuben Abati

The last time Nigerians enjoyed something really close to an exciting Presidential debate was during the 1993 Presidential elections. I recall the colourful and memorable encounter between the late Chief MKO Abiola of the Social Democratic Party and Alhaji Bashir Tofa of the National Republican Convention.  At the end of that debate, it was clear who among the duo was better experienced, much more intellect ...

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Tribute To Shamgar At 90 ,By Denja Yaqub

Two personalities were mentioned in the Holy Bible as Shamgar. Both in the book of Judges, but one is more prominent in the Songs of Deborah. One of them, in the book of Judges, was reported to have repelled the Philistines who attacked regions occupied by the Israelites. This Shamgar finished 600 of the invaders and thus effectively defended his people. The other Shamgar, mentioned in the Songs of Deborah, ...

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Hostile Foreign Interests In Nigeria Election Matters -By Ibiba Don Pedro

The unsolicited interests and highly antagonistic actions by certain foreign interests in the 2015 elections in Nigeria and specifically towards the person of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, can be easily discerned by keen observers in the unfolding events related to the Nigeria 2015 elections. Any patriotic Nigerian, concerned about the wellbeing and sovereignty of the ...

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