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The Patient Nigerian, By Moses Okpogode

It is one year since President Muhammadu Buhari took office and all you mostly hear is the now usual call for patience from his political backers, their cronies and court services cum corridor managers. At the receiving end is the Nigerian, bartered and bruised by successive governments, his enduring shocks absorbers and capacity to accept and tolerate delays, excuses and disappointments at their wits ends. ...

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Of Re-Militarization of The Niger Delta, By Moses Okpogode

By the time you read this piece the government would have probably doubled the number of troops in the already degraded and now militarized lands of the oil-rich Niger Delta. The purpose of this to the generality of the people of the region also known as `South South' is to protect oil installations. The black gold that drives the engine of Africa's biggest economy. The government pushed forward its objecti ...

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Abuja Electricity Distribution Co & Customers of Apo Resettlement, By Moses Okpogode

In the past forthnight, I have not been able to get a grasp on what to write about that's not been written, though not in the same manner as the so-called children of rage and anger of the past.  Besides I have been busy too, attending to other matters, both official and on the home front, as I read a number of columnists, public affairs commentators and analysts who have been able to capture the salient po ...

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The Creeping Impunity, By Moses Okpogode

The social media is awash with news on impunity that now pervades the society, like the Agatu killings, electoral mayhem in Rivers, and the siege on the Ekiti State government. These, you would not see published in the mainstream media because it is torn between confusion and protection of the government we installed. Such actions and inaction are, however, not new to the Nigerian political environment. In ...

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The Unending Politics of Grazing Reserves and Imported Brazilian Grass, By Moses Okpogode

Nigeria' grazing reserve law was established in 1965. This created an area, mainly in the north, for exclusive use of the Fulani nomads to graze their animals. It was the first attempt at incorporating the interest of the grazers into national development. The law protected herders against intimidation and deprivation by sedentary cultivators, cattle ranchers and commercial intruders. In the same year, the ...

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N5000: The Hullabaloo And The Kenyan Model,By Moses Okpogode

In Kenya, youths are not given free shillings. While no politician, or anyone, promises any social security largesse during campaigns,they are amongst the most empowered set of young people in Africa.  They are not socially denigrated,  neither are they degenerated because the laws protects and provides for them. Kenya is tackling youth restiveness and unemployment easily with the backings of its Parliament ...

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