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The Killing Fields of Kaduna State and the Maikori Affair, By Jibrin Ibrahim

Kaduna State is characterised by a marked identity pattern in which there is a polarization between two groups. On the one hand, the Hausa-Fulani community, mainly from Zaria Emirate to the north, which has over the past five hundred years, has had “implantations” in the area now known as Southern Kaduna, which was previously known as Southern Zaria and was under the authority of Zaria Emirate. In Zangon Ka ...

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Thieves, Madness and the Nation, By Jibrin Ibrahim

Nigeria is suffering from a real crisis related to the scale of theft of public resources that is beyond all logic and can only be equated to madness. For decades, some public officials have been stealing billions of Naira and subsequently some of them graduated into stealing billions of dollars. In the process, they have completely lost sight of rationality; that is how much you can reasonably spend in you ...

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African Football Resists Democratic Wind of Change By Jibrin Ibrahim

Issa Hayatou, the permanent dictator of African football has been in power and absolute control since 1988. The Cameroonian was re-elected unopposed during the last Confederation of African Football (CAF) presidential elections in 2013. Before changing his mind and contesting in 2013, he had earlier promised he would not contest. Not only did he contest and win, he ensued that all those “plotting” to contes ...

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Non-Responsiveness and Slide from High Expectations to Frustration, By Jibrin Ibrahim

I am one of the millions of Nigerians who do not understand why the name of Justice Walter Onnogen’s name was not submitted to Senate for confirmation. Maybe in a very uncharitable manner, I assumed that as the crackdown on corruption in the judiciary continued, there are findings that make him unsuitable for the job and that we would be told what was going on. Others who might have been as equally uncharit ...

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Nigeria’s Undying Love of Multiplying Parastatals, By Jibrin Ibrahim

The Daily Trust of 30th January 2017 carried a report about the National Assembly’s plans to create about 25 additional federal agencies through laws that are being processed. Almost every draft bill has a proposal for the establishment of a new agency to run whatever is being proposed in the bill. The 25 mentioned are just those that are about to be finalized. There are actually about 150 new agencies bein ...

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Clearing Babachir Lawal or Self-Indictment, By Jibrin Ibrahim

This week, the big story is that President Muhammadu Buhari has written to the Senate in response to the lawmakers’ indictment of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Babachir Lawal, and their call for his removal and prosecution. The letter provided an explanation, or rather, some excuses why the President would not act. The letter depicts a very high level of incompetence of whoever wrote it ...

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Ending the Violence in Southern Kaduna, By Jibrin Ibrahim

This week, I was invited to join a large delegation of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) on a fact-finding mission relating to the terrible violence in Kaduna State. The NBA President himself, A. B. Mahmoud led the mission and members of the delegation included the first national vice president and general secretary accompanied by dozens of senior lawyers from all-over the country. The purpose of the visit ...

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The First Coup, By Jibrin Ibrahim

Published in Next, 14th February 2009 “Anybody who headed a military regime subverted the wishes of the people… We all subverted the wishes of the people.” General Ibrahim Babangida (Tell Magazine, 7/12/98)   Forty-three years ago, on the 15th of January 1966 to be precise, a certain Major Chukwuma Nzeagwu addressed Nigerians through Radio Kaduna announcing martial law and the takeover of power by the ...

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Obazee And Accounting For God’s Money On Earth, By Jibrin Ibrahim

Jim Obazee, the recently sacked Executive Secretary of the Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria is a man with unlimited capacity to provoke agency. He got an alarmed President Buhari only a few hours to leap into action and sack him over an impending war he was provoking between the Administration and Nigeria’s Christian Community when people woke up to realize that the revered General Overseer of the Red ...

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Agriculture and the Restoration Agenda in Katsina State, By Jibrin Ibrahim

I visited Katsina over the holidays and took the opportunity to attend the launching of the Rice Anchor Borrowers Programme in Jibia sponsored by the Central Bank and the Bank of Agriculture. The project is aimed at developing the rice value chain by supplying credit for improved seeds, pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers. The State Government is also guaranteeing minimum prices for the purchase of the r ...

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2017 Trend Analysis and the Contours of Inertia, By Jibrin Ibrahim

Let me start with a health warning - I am a social scientist so I do not do predictions. That is the work of charlatans. I simply look at current trends and project them forward. The trends show that 2017 will be an important year in Nigeria’s march towards democratic consolidation as the political class starts making concerted plans and engaging in actions towards the 2019 elections. It is also the year in ...

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Corruption is Deep But It Can be Defeated, By Jibrin Ibrahim

Section 15(5) of our Constitution is clear: “the State shall abolish all corrupt practices and abuse of power.” The prosecutorial agencies and the judiciary of course, have the responsibility to investigate, prosecute and punish those involved in corrupt practices so that the Nigerian State remains faithful to the injunctions provided by our Grand Norm. We know however that the State has lacked the capacity ...

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