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Aliyu Magatakarda Wamako The Ultimate Leader, By Emmanuel Ado

By 2006, Aliyu Magatakarda Wamakko,was politically dead, or so his political enemies thought.He was Kaput - German word for utterly finished,defeated or destroyed.The governor Attahiru Bafarawa wanted him impeached at all cost,in what many say was to stop him from succeeding Bafarawa.Wamakko eventually resigned putting his faith in God.But Wamakko not only survived the machinations of Attahiru Bafawara,his ...

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Unchain The Fiscal Responsibility Commission, By Emmanuel Ado 

The Steve Orosanye Presidential Ccommittee on Restructuring & Rationalization of parastatals,and agencies in recommending the scrapping of the Fiscal Responsibility Commission (FRC) and transfer of its functions to the Revenue Mobilization and Fiscal Commission),wrecked inculpable damage to Nigeria.Typical Nigerian way of doing things - one step forward,ten steps backwards. The fiscal responsibility reg ...

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National Assembly and the Budget Process, By Emmanuel Ado

Before 1974, the United States Congress was faced with the same kind of situation confronting  the National Assembly- the refusal of President Richard Nixon to spend funds that Congress had approved for projects. The Congress in reaction created the Congressional Budget Office(CBO) and literally "sized" power by that very act from the Office of Management and Budget. In a way, Congress was helped by the Wat ...

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Probing Bail Out Funds. How Far Can Kemi Adeosun Go? By Emmanuel Ado

December 2016, was technically the end of  honeymoon for the 36 States and 774 Local Governments of Nigeria, going by the Fiscal Sustainability Plan (FSP)  - Framework For  Sustainability of Sub- National Governments of Nigeria. They are expected to have shed their old ways - where they have been notoriously known for recklessness and lacking in accountability, they are to become Accountable and Transparent ...

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Budget: Why Implementation Report Is Key, By Emmanuel Ado

Considering the importance of budget and most importantly its implementation, we have made a commitment to demand answers. But to get answers you must ask questions and thankfully we can ask those critical questions that bother on budget management including timely publication of budget implementation reports.  The Lack of access to timely budget implementation report is one of the fundamental reasons why s ...

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‘Star’ Justice Okon Abang: Retirement, Not Transfer, By Emmanuel Ado

                                                                                    Emmanuel Ado Justice Okon Abang is controversial and definitely on a mission to enter the Guiness Book of Records as the judge with  record insults,from a Superior Court,in this instance the Court of Appeal.Abang craved for recognition,but not the dubious one that the Court of Appeal,has inflicted on him. To have your judgem ...

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2016 Budget: Madam Minister, Where Is Your Budget Implementation Report? By Emmanuel Ado

We must congratulate the Minister of Budget añd National Planning Udo Udoma,for "managing" to get the 2017 budget to the National Assembly against all odds. The Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF), only arrived the National Assembly 24hours before the President presented the 2017 budget estimates.Ordinarily we should be singing hosanna - as the 2017 budget is 20.4% bigger in size than the 2016 budget. ...

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