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Atiku And His Reinvention Campaign, By Babayola M. Toungo

There seems to be no more shame in our land. Or the level of impunity is far beyond what we are all thinking. How do you explain the recent boast by erstwhile vice president that graduates of public universities cannot compare with those of his secondary school? What gall! Have we reached the stage where those who steal from our till, will rub it in our face by reminding us how unfortunate we are? Have we s ...

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Abdurrahman Abba: Chief Of Staff Or Thug-In-Chief? Babayola M. Toungo

Well, good people of Adamawa both at home and in the diaspora, here is a fairy tale with a moral. Seems there was once upon a time a little boyman with a face resembling a mashed melon who thought he could always say what he wants and get away with it. So to prove it, over a period of ten years or so, he usually put his mouth in motion before his brain (if he has any) is in gear. He has perfected the art of ...

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Crooks As Partriotic Economic Experts, Babayola M. Toungo

There is worldwide economic recession at the moment.  This is a fact and repeating it will only be stating the obvious.  Most countries today are faced with one type of hardship or the other.  Most people the world over are struggling to feed themselves not caring for other comforts and luxuries.  The rate of migrations from other countries to Europe and the Americas is indicative of the desperate situation ...

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Bindow: Of Ornaments And Beauty, By Babayola M. Toungo

The Adamawa State governor is a man after my heart.  He is a flashy dresser, appears urbane and consciously cultivates the cosmopolitan look.  He dresses like a peacock and to all intents and purposes seems to be a smooth operator.  He has also been lucky in his short time in politics.  When he sought to be elected a Senator, he easily defeated an ex-governor and he won the election to the gubernatorial off ...

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