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State of Nigeria at 56, By Angela Odah

Nigeria is 56!!! It’s been referred to as a "toddler" in view of it’s challenges of nation building in every sphere of human endeavor :politically, economically and socially. Politically; after incessant military regimes and a bloody civil war,  Nigeria returned to civil rule on May 29th 1999. However,democratic governance has not made much progress  thanks to the challenges of an oil dependent economy,  an ...

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The Myth of Legal and Safe Abortions, By Angela Odah

The battle to enthrone a culture of death in Nigeria rages. Illegal abortions are responsible for Nigeria's high maternal mortality rate, says the findings of a research conducted by the Guttmacher Institute and the University of Ibadan.  Its recommendation: Nigeria should expand the scope of access to safe abortions and legalize abortion.But, the reality on ground is that there is nothing ground breaking a ...

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